crazy happy birthday

Crazy birthday wishes

For your best friend, you have to plan something crazy which looks unique. You can do crazy moments with him/her on a special day birthday. You can smash him/her mouth with early morning cake and seriously it looks crazier. Even you can add-on your crazy through and crazy birthday wishes in your card.


List of crazy birthday wishes

1. You will be successful and this day is one of the milestones to that, enjoy your big day, Happy birthday!

2. You are worth so much more than what you think you are, do not let them bring you down.

3. May the colors of this world shine on you and show you the possibilities of the future, dear. Happy birthday!

4. May you find the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that things are for the better now. Happy birthday!

5. Another year might be added to your back, but that would just mean that this year would not suck. Happy bday to you!

6. Wonderful bday to you, and be glad that you are not as old as you would be next year!

7. I have already alerted the fire department, you can light your candles now. Cheers to your birthday!

8. May you want to live as long as you want to, never mind how long that is. Wonderful bday!

9. You are at your prettiest when you smile, they may tell you that you are foolish, forget them.

10. In this world, you were my sweetest escape and I thank every single minute of my life, honey.

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