birthday wishes for best friend

Happy birthday wishes for best friend

When you see the birthday of your friend is near around then you need to wish him/her with heartfelt feelings. On this special day, you can give them many gifts but a quote of birthday wishes for best friend is more feeling. You can convey your feelings of friendship in front of them easily with this quote.


List of birthday wishes for best friend with images

1. Happy birthday, my friend, may you fly on the wings of success!

2. May your special day be sweet and spicy just like you, bestie! Thanks for being there for me all the time!

3. Happy birthday my bestie! You are one of the most amazing people in my life!

4. Wishing you lots of incredibly happy moments today and always!

5. Happy bday my true friend. Wishing you all the best today and all year through.

6. It‘s a true blessing to have a great friend like you and I wish you all the most wonderful things that can be in this world!

7. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable friend! I promise to light up your special day after you blow out all the candles!

8. I fell so lucky that I have found you. On this special day, I would like to wish that all your daydreams come true!

9. I feel privileged to have spent one more year of my life with you. Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear friend!

10. Happy Birthday to the best friend I ever had. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life and party like there’s no tomorrow.

birthday wishes for best friend, happy birthday best friend

11. May this day bring you lots of brightest smiles, my dear friend! And may this year be the greatest in your life!

12. Happy birthday to my true friend who was always there for me through all ups and downs.

13. Happy birthday to my closest and oldest friend! I feel blessed because our friendship is a true gift of life.

14. Happy bday, bestie! You are the person who hears the words of my heart and understands me like nobody does.

15. Enjoy your Big day, bestie, and don’t eat too much cake without me. Love you!

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16. Life is much more colorful and exciting when you are around. Happy Birthday to you – let’s make it grand!

17. Dear, you are my best friend. I hope that our friendship will always be so strong and unforgettable. Congratulations!

18. I wish you to have an extremely happy birthday! As a friend, you‘re not precious – you are priceless to me!

19. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a special friend like you! Hope you enjoy every single moment of your birthday!

20. The most heartfelt birthday wishes to my closest friend! May your Big Day bring you nothing but fun, joy, and happiness!

birthday wishes for best friend, happy birthday best friend

21. May you have many many days like this and enjoy yourself and your day. You deserve it. Happy Birthday!

22. May you stay Forever Young. Happy Birthday best friend.

23. Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your wonderful day and celebrate it.

24. Wishing you good health and wealth on your birthday. Happy Birthday.

25. Happy Bday! I hope you enjoy this day like you never have!

26. You deserve the best today and always. Happy Birthday best friend.

27. You are not getting older. You are a flower just beginning to bloom. Happy Birthday.

28. A great friend and a happy birthday, that is what you are and what I wish for you.

29. Wishing a super awesome birthday to the most beautiful, strong and inspiring person.

30. Happy birthday to you! I hope your day and year are filled with love and surprises.

birthday wishes for best friend, happy birthday best friend

31. May you find good times and friends on whichever path you follow. Happy Birthday.

32. You are a one and only. You have a spirit within you that is your own. Happy Birthday best friend.

33. Happy birthday! It’s gonna be a truly fantastic day just like you are fantastic.

34. Wishing you many many more healthy and happy years to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

35. You are the best. nobody is like you. happy bday!

36. Happy Birthday! You are such a beautiful person.

37. Hoping this will be your best year ever. Happy Birthday my bestie.

38. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday filled with Love & Fun! Happy Birthday!

39. Happy Birthday. Continue climbing to greater heights. You are a star!

40. Happy Birthday. Wishing you more glorious and wonderful years on the surface of the earth.

birthday wishes for best friend, happy birthday best friend

41. Happy Birthday. I wish you well and I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

42. Happiness for you is not a reward, it is a consequence. Happy Birthday best friend.

43. Don’t count the candles on your birthday cake, count the happy moments in your life.

44. I hope that this year will be full of all that makes you happy. Happy Birthday.

45. A positive outlook yields beneficial results. A great birthday yields more fun.

46. Life may be full of ups and downs, but your age only knows how to go up. And up.

47. You are already living the bright future that awaits you. Happy birthday.

48. Wishing a very special person a very special day. Happy Birthday my bestie.

49. Have a wonderful day, get many nice presents and have a lot of fun!! Happy Birthday!

50. I hope that your special day is full of fun and happiness and everything that you enjoy. Happy Birthday!


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