emotional happy birthday

Emotional birthday wishes

You have to plan something emotional. You can write all your emotions on paper and convey your feeling. Seriously this will make her cry with happy tears and show how you care for her. These emotional birthday wishes and thoughts make her birthday complete.


List of emotional birthday wishes

1. They say that you feel it when you have it. I guess you are feeling good. Happy Birthday.

2. May you live a thousand years and may each year have fifty thousand days. Happy Birthday

3. May the kindness you always give come back to you doubled. Happy Birthday.

4. You are the jasmine that grows in the front yard, the beauty that is visible, Happy Birthday.

5. Our days on the earth are numbered but our moment of life is infinite. Happy birthday.

6. To be a happy person for the rest of your life, you must work from the inside out. Happy birthday!

7. The bonds we have are everlasting, so are the years that are accumulating in your birthday total.

8. There is no yesterday in hope, only tomorrow. So it is with living the rest of your life. Happy birthday!

9. Money is the root cause of unhappiness and I really want you to have a Happy Birthday, so I didn’t get you a present.

10. Looks attract first, quality qualifies later. You’re good in the short term and great in the long term. Happy Birthday.

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