birthday wishes for brother

Happy birthday wishes for brother

Birthday wishes for brother is an apt opportunity for his brothers and sisters to showcase their love & affection to their darling brother. It is an occasion to celebrate and enjoy in all euphoria. He has been a partner in their games, success, and sorrow. Wishing him with brother birthday wishes would be an ideal way of conveying your sincere feelings with funny and loving words, describing the occasion befittingly.


List of birthday wishes for brother with images

1. Happy birthday, dear brother! May this year bring the most wonderful things into your life, you truly deserve it!

2. I consider myself a very lucky person because I found the best friend in my brother. You are a true inspiration to me, happy bday!

3. No matter how far we are from each other, I believe that we will always stay close in our hearts. Have an amazing Day!

4. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable brother! I wish you an ocean of happiness!

5. Thank you for being an excellent friend and the most caring brother to me. Happy Bday!

6. It‘s a great blessing to have such a loving and understanding brother like you. I love you and wish you a brilliant birthday!

7. The best thing in life that parents gave me is such a wonderful brother! You always know how to bring a big smile on my face. Have an exciting Big Day!

8. Dear brother, you have always been a true friend to me. I hope this will never change. Wishing you all the best on your special day!

9. I feel proud that the most amazing person in the world is my dear brother. Have a brilliant birthday, bro!

10. Birthdays by themselves are precious gifts, Brother. That’s why I wish you to receive lots and lots of them!

11. Birthdays are like feathers in the broad wing of time. May you always be as bright and happy as you are today!

12. Everyone dreams of having a brother like you. Wishing your celebration brings lots of special moments to remember!

13. Having a younger brother like you is like opening a present every day! Wish you a birthday filled with joys, dreams, and love!

14. An extra special brother should have an extra special birthday! Celebrate! You deserve the best!

15. Today you rule, Bro! I hope that your special day is rocking as always!

16. Brothers then, now and forever! I wanna wish you a special day filled with good memories!

17. For my favorite brother! I wish you all your favorite things on your Birthday! Here’s a great big hug full of love.

18. Happy Birthday to a super special little brother! Wishing you a day full of fun and laughter!

19. Wishing you a Happy Birthday filled with fun and great surprises. You’re a special little brother who’s getting bigger every day!

20. May you have the best of everything in life. I believe that you deserve this! Warm birthday wishes to the best and the most loving brother!

21. My brother is a superhero. His special power is being a great brother. Happy Birthday.

22. Friends are rare and brothers are common, but a brother that is a friend is a treasure. Happy birthday brother.

23. I shall never be without a friend as long as you are my brother. Happy Birthday.

24. Though we now walk different paths, I feel better knowing that my brother is nearby. Happy Birthday.

25. Superheroes are one in a million. Great brothers like you are one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday!

26. Brothers are role models, but you got the job without an audition. And you nailed it. Happy Birthday.

27. You are the best brother that I can ever imagine. Thanks. Happy Birthday.

28. Some people have wealth. Some have beauty. Some have fame. But I hit the jackpot when I got you as a brother. Happy Birthday.

29. You have always been my brother and my hero, and heroes are hard to find. Happy Birthday.

30. You shared my past by chance, I hope to share your future by choice. Happy birthday brother.

31. Brother and best friend are two sides of the same coin. Happy Birthday.

32. Every year I realize a bit more how lucky I am to have you as my brother. Happy Birthday.

33. I wish you a healthy, wealthy next year – cause I’ve probably got the same genes. Happy Birthday.

34. The greatest treasure that I can imagine is having you as a brother. Happy Birthday.

35. We may grow up and we might even mature, but you will always be my brother. Happy Birthday.

36. May your birthday be as wonderful and fantastic as you. Happy Birthday Bro.

37. Happy birthday to one of the coolest, most interesting people I have ever known and just happens to be a great brother too.

38. There are a lot of brothers in the world, but you are without a doubt the best. Happy birthday!

39. You have always been a big dreamer and I hope they all come true. Happy Birthday brother.

40. We shared a womb – that’s pretty creepy sounding. But it worked out pretty well for both of us. Happy Birthday.

41. Hey birthday boy, I sure hope that it is a special one. You were always the special one in the family.

42. I have always valued your good advice. Somebody in the family has to be responsible. Happy Birthday.

43. Well my dearest brother, I have a big Happy Birthday hug to share with you whether you need it or not!

44. To my brother, may you be healthy, wealthy and early to rise. Happy Birthday.

45. I am not only lucky to have you as my brother, but I am also happy to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday!

46. A brother like you deserve only the best, today and always. Happy birthday my dear brother.

47. Dear Bro, Wishing you many many happy returns to the day I wish the day will be filled with cute moments as cute as you are.

48. In this nice occasion of your life, your all dreams come true and you will get every goal of your life. Happy birthday dear brother.

49. Maybe I don’t say it enough, but I love you a lot and I’m glad you’re my brother. Happy birthday.

50. Happy birthday brother, A brother who is sweet, supportive, kind, loving, cheerful and inspiring friend and always my laughter.

51. Nothing can be compared with the love of my dearest brother. Happy birthday to you.

52. You have been a pillar of support all my life I truly respect you dear brother wishing you a very happy birthday.

53. May you have the best of birthdays and successful years ahead. Happy birthday brother.

54. Dear brother, happy birthday Brother with you, I shared my childhood memories and grow-up dreams.

55. Happy birthday “let’s celebrate the begging of another wonderful year in your colorful life, dear brother. Happy birthday.


Long birthday wishes for brother


56. I wish you all the joy and happiness on this day. Happy birthday my loving brother. It has been a very sweet journey with you from my childhood till now and a memorable one.

57. Without you, my family could never have been completed. You are the rising star of my small family. I wish you all the luck and prosperity in your life. A very happy birthday to my dear brother.

58. You know it feels so proud to have a brother in my life who is always there for me, stand up for me in every situation. Hope you have a great year ahead. Happy birthday brother!

59. May you get success at every step and hurdles in your life. May you live long. May God bless you my dearest loving brother.

60. You know what? I am lucky to have you in my life. You are such a sweet and wonderful soul, I don’t have words to express my feelings but all I can tell you that I love you so much. Keep smiling.

61. My dear brother, there is no one like you in the world. You are the best brother in the World. Have a great day bro.

62. The way you protect me from this heartless World, the way you listen to my every problem and stand by me without asking a word in return, it is priceless to have a bro like you. I wish you the entire luck brother.

63. You are my role model brother and your positive attitude towards every situation inspires me too. Thank you for being such a nice inspiration to me bro. Happy birthday brother.

64. I know you have very big dreams, I know they are hard to achieve but I also know you are capable of achieving that, and on this day, I wish God may help you with your dreams to come true. With all the love, Happy Birthday bro.

65. I wish you stay fit and fine and never be seen crying. Happy Birthday, to my amazing brother.

66. I wish our bond grows stronger with each day passes by, I wish we are able to solve all the misunderstandings between us without any dilemma, I wish a more strong trustworthy relationship between us. Happy birthday brother.

67. You are a person with all the good thoughts and vibes. You are a person with a great heart. You are having many such qualities that no other brother could have. You raise my self-confidence every time. Thank you, brother.

68. Though we have a lot of fights between us but let me tell you something, anything can never destroy my love for you. Happy birthday brother!

69. I am so lucky to find a friend in my brother. But not just a friend, a positive supporter, a guide, a motivation. I wish you a very Happy Birthday brother.

70. We have been through many ups and downs in our life. But you have always been neutral, never seen you being sad in any bad situation instead you stay and try your best to overcome every challenge. And that was a true inspiration for me. Thank you so much, bro.

71. We have shared so sweet moments and memories that are unforgettable and priceless. I wish we make more such memories in our lives and those memories could never fade away. Happy Birthday, sweet brother.

72. A person like you deserves all the blessings in the world. A person who is always ready to help others. You know gifts and surprises doesn’t last long or stay forever but love and blessings do.

73. A birthday wish is not something special but your birthday is special to me. I wish You celebrate this day at your best. Happy birthday and happy party bro.

74. I wish to Jesus to shower his blessings upon you and you may get all that you want in your life. Happiest birthday to the most wonderful soul in this world.

75. I  am still in doubt that if I would ever be able to pay back all your love and care and joy that you had given me. Thank you for being there every point of the way. Happy birthday brother.

76. You are just like mom and dad and you care for me in the same way that they do. You have raised me with all the lessons on humanity that no other person could ever teach me. You are such a great person. Cheers to the best person in my life. Happy Birthday brother.

77. So it’s a new year for you. I wish you celebrate any more years like this on your birthday. Wishing you a prosperous year ahead.

78. The amount of love and affection you have for me has made me realize that I am gifted with all my life. You always have a lovely smile on your face. I thank the Almighty for giving me such a kind, considerate, understanding, helpful, caring and supportive brother. I am not able to express all my gratitude to you through these words. Happy birthday bro! I love you.

79. Though the shine of the sun might not last long or the water in the oceans might get dry but my love is never going to fade away for you. Happy Birthday, fabulous brother.

80. I still wonder, how my life was going to be if you were not there in my life, who would have taught me those lessons of humanity and pride, who would have helped me in my different projects, thank you so much for being there in my life.

81. I know I acted stupidly in my childhood for getting angry to share my room but with time it became hard for me to get apart from you. Happy birthday brother!

82. Some years ago on this day, I got a person in my life who changed my life, made me a better person, and that person was you. Am glad it is your birthday today. And we are celebrating it together.

83. No other love is comparable to the love of a brother like you which is unconditional, demands nothing and gives his everything.

84. All the time that we had spent together, those weird jokes, those adventurous trips, that loud music, Brother, I am so glad that you are my brother. Happy Birthday brother.

85. I wish I could get a place where we can store love that we receive for our whole life because my brother has showered all his love upon me that I am sort of place to keep it. Happy birthday bro.

86. I know it’s your duty to take care of me and try to keep me happy all the time. And let me tell you that you are doing a great part of your duty. Happy birthday.

87. Happy birthday. You are a positive soul with all the positive aspects and terms. You are a person with punctuality and honor. You are such an amazing and positive human being.

88. It is not just my brother’s birthday but my best friend’s birthday too as I have found a best friend in you. Am I good at rhyming brother?

89. I know we are siblings but we are more like friends to each other and that is the best part of being your sibling. Happy birthday brother!

90. The number of candles is not going to matter on the cake but the number of memories that we are going to make today would do. Happy birthday!

91. Happy birthday, bro! Your love makes me more strong, to see your work inspires me, to see you always positive motivates me. Thanks for being there always.

92. Happy birthday, bro! Thank you for being such a positive force in my life all these years!

93. Our love is equal to the number of sweet memories that we’ve shared…and yet to be shared. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in my life!

94. There is nobody like in this world for me. You’re the finest, the best soul. That is why you are Mom and Dad’s favorite. Happy birthday brother!

95. You are an all-rounder. Smart, good-looking, kind, etc, because the list is never-ending. May you also have a great year ahead. Happy birthday brother.


Birthday wishes for Elder brother


96. You have been a pillar of support all my life. Dear brother, I truly respect you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

97. Brothers are the perfect role models in life. And big brothers like you Guide along the way. Wish you a super happy birthday!

98. Your presence has been the strongest pillar of support I have ever had my whole life. Happy birthday my dear big brother.

99. Nothing can change the equation, Nothing can change the love in life, You are and will remain my brother. Happiest birthday to you dear brother,

100. A big brother guides you along. Because of him, you are so strong, Want to thank my brother today For everything that you gave in life. Happy birthday brother!


Birthday wishes for little brother


101. Happiest birthday to my partner in crime, I wish you well for all your time. Have a lovely birthday brother!

102. My cute little brother, My wish for you today, May you have a pleasant birthday, It’s a super happy time, Wishes you a happy birthday!

103. My best-est bro needs the best-est wishes in the whole world! You deserve the best things in life dear brother. Happy Birthday.

104. Little laughter and little bit fun, You are always the number one, You are the best my sweet little bro, Wish you a very happy birthday!

105. You are like the cute teddy in life, Who always make me laugh and smile. My brother, I love you, Happy birthday to you!


Birthday wishes for Cousin brother


106. Birthdays come and birthdays go. You’re my cousin, the world thinks so. you’re my buddy and you’re my bro. You’re the best of all I know.

107. A brother is a brother, a friend is a friend. If you want both in one, a cousin is in trend. Happy birthday cousin!

108. I wish that you continue to do good things and fill this new chapter with more wisdom and great deeds. Happy birthday to you my sweet cousin!

109. We have always had fun, we always shared great times, I am so very glad, that you are a cousin of mine! Happy birthday.

110. Happy birthday. An amazing cousin like you deserves to be celebrated in a big way!


Birthday wishes for Step brother


111. Happy birthday my stepbrother, we may not have been bounded by blood but you are and will always be considered family to me.

112. Dear step-brother, I don’t know what to tell you other than a happy birthday! I am grateful to have a brother like you around.

113. Happy birthday stepbrother, I know that we may not be considered relatives by blood but it does not change the fact. I would call you my brother, have a great birthday!

114. Many people call you their friend. I brag that you are my stepbrother. Happy birthday!

115. Happy Birthday stepbrother. I wish you the best birthday of all time. May you enjoy a year of success and happiness.


Birthday wishes for Brother in law


116. Dear brother in law you make us all proud and glad. I wish you wealth, health and success. Happy birthday yo you!

117. Happy birthday to my awesome brother in law! May your big day be joyful, exciting and unforgettable.

118. Happy birthday brother in law! Best wishes from your freaky, in law family!

119. Happy birthday brother in law. I wish and cheerful life ahead. Happy birthday. Live every moment, today and always.

120. Your loving nature and cool attitude make it a pleasure to have you in the family. Happy birthday brother in law.


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