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Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are more valuable than gifts because gifts might deteriorate in quality over the passage of time, but these happy birthday wishes could live on for many years in the heart of a person and would make your relationship sweeter and strong. These Bday wishes could be easily shared through any social media website or could be handwritten on a greeting card and could be sent to the person celebrating the happy birthday.


List of birthday wishes with images

1. Making you even wiser and stronger one more year has passed in your life. I wish you a very Happy birthday.

2. May you enjoy every moment, every day of your life on this special day. Wish you a happy birthday.

3. I wish you all that you desire. May God bless you with love and care. Happy Birthday

4. Have a successful year filled with success and glory. My heartiest wishes to you on your Birthday.

5. Enjoy your day and the life ahead. I wish you a happy and cheerful life ahead.

birthday wishes

6. Live every moment, today and always. May God bless you with all you desire. Happy birthday.

7. Wishing you a very Happy birthday. Enjoy every moment of your precious life.

8. You deserve all the happiness, success and love in the world. And the cash too! Happy Birthday, buddy.

9. May you live a thousand years so that you can keep spreading your magic to the whole world. Happy Birthday.

10. Birthdays are special Because they don’t come every day. Wish you a very happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes

11. Have a great day, You are really special for me in life, and I mean a lot, Wish you a very happy birthday!

12. Enjoy your day and the life ahead. My heartiest wishes to you on your Birthday.

13. May this wonderful day bring loads of fun and frolic in your journey of life. Happy Birthday.

14. May you have a wonderful year, Enjoy and have a blast. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

15. May God shower his blessings upon you forever and grant you with all that you desire. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

birthday messages

16. My best wishes to you on your Birthday. Have a successful year filled with success and glory. Enjoy your day and the life ahead.

17. The hottest, sexiest and craziest friend ever! wishing you Happy Birthday, Just joking, you’re hot too okay. Have a rocking day!

18. Many years ago your parents have given birth to such a beautiful person, Congratulations to them. Happy birthday.

19. No matter you grow a year old every year, but I wish your spirit remains fresh and youthful. Happy Birthday dear!

20. I hope you keep shining bright for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday message

21. Have a nice day! Have loads of fun this day, Make it special your way, Happy birthday to you.

22. May you get every happiness of the world, Wish you a very happy birthday!.

23. I want you to have a rocking, smashing, amazing Birthday today.

24. May you get all the success that you truly deserve in life, May you stay blessed as always, have a nice day! and happy birthday.

25. On your special day may you be surrounded by all those you care about and lots of hugs and kisses. Have a brilliant day. Happy Birthday to you.

religious birthday wishes

26. A room can lighten up with just your smile. Happy Birthday to the brightest and the funniest person I have ever known.

27. May all your dreams turn into reality and may lady luck visit your home today. Happy birthday.

28. This birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest person I’ve ever known.

29. I wish your day be filled with presents-both real and spiritual. Happy birthday!

30. Today is a special day, I wish you receive the lost opportunities of yesterday. Happy Birthday

inspirational birthday wishes

31. I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy birthday.

32. I pray your birthday is filled with a sunshine of joys, rainbow of smiles and rainfalls of laughter. Happy Birthday to you, dear.

33. May this year be filled with pleasant and unexpected surprises. Many many Happy Returns of the day to you!

34. I wish a day may never come when you find yourself lonely and blue. Happy birthday!

35. May your year be filled with wonderful friendships. You’re the sweetest person I’ve known. Happy Birthday.

motivational birthday wishes

36. I’m sending you my best wishes as I cherish every single moment spent with you. I wish you have an awesome birthday.

37. I want you to know, on your birthday that you mean so much to me. Happy birthday.

38. The best birthday wish I can give you today is that you should keep growing younger and younger as years pass by.

39. Send my best wishes to one of the best persons I know, who is like a best friend to me.

40. Have a blast today bcoz today is your day of exceeding limits, acting crazier than your age and asking for more than you can ever get. Happy birthday.

cute birthday wishes

41. Wish you a Happy Birthday. I think God has given you a chance in the form of your birthday to fulfill your dreams.

42. Celebrate this day and mark it on the calendar of your life to achieve many more milestones ahead.

43. Some of my life’s best moments, days, jokes, laughs and dreams have come from you! Happy birthday.

44. May every path be smooth for you, May every corner bring you happy surprises, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

45. May you shine like a candle on this wonderful day, Coz today is a special day, It’s your birthday, Wish you a lovely birthday.

happy birthday wishes

46. I promise to light up your life even after you blow the candles away. Happy Birthday!

47. A birthday is a lovely flower that blooms in life’s garden and may that special blossom is bright especially today. Happy birthday!

48. I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you. Happy birthday!

49. In the garden of friendship. You are the most beautiful flower. Happy birthday my friend!

50. Thinking of you and the good times we spent, Make me smile! Happy birthday to a friend who is always close to my heart.

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Funny birthday wishes


51. Cheers to the nations biggest secret, your true age. Happy birthday!

52. I hope you enjoy your birthday just like when you were born in this world. Without clothes.

53. Happy birthday dude. Enjoy another 365 days of an all-expense paid trip around the sun.

54. Happy birthday man, and if someone calls you old, whack him with your walking stick.

55. Forget about past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one.

funny birthday wishes


Christian birthday wishes


56. May God continue to shower you with blessings and happiness. Wishing you a very Gleeful and Joyous Birthday.

57. May God bless you with an abundance of happiness and all your unfulfilled desires come true on your special day.

58. May God give you a long, healthy and self-satisfying life ahead. Wish you a happy birthday!

59. May Almighty bless you with lots of wealth and a good health, Stay blessed in life! happy birthday!

60. May Jesus take away all the sadness and all the sorrows from your life. Happy Birthday

christian birthday wishes


Islamic birthday wishes


61. Allah has added another year of blessings and joy to your life. Wish you a happy birthday.

62. Birthday is beginning of a new year of your life. I hope Allah sends his angels to care and guide you in the coming years.

63. Happy birthday may Allah bless your life with love, luck, and prosperity!

64. May Allah bless you with a healthy and happy life, May your all wishes come true.

65. May Allah fill your life with endless happy moments, countless wonderful surprises and infinite success.

Islamic birthday wishes


Hindu birthday wishes


66. May Lord Shiva, give you strength and adherence to overcome any difficulties you face in your future endeavors! Happy Birthday.

67. I pray to Lord Vishnu to bless you with wisdom and knowledge. Wishing the best of health on your birthday.

68. Lord Hanuman shall give you the power to overcome any hurdles of life. Happy birthday.

69. Lord Ganesha may bless you with happiness on your special day and fill your day with surprises. Happy birthday.

70. May Lord Krishna enrich your life with all the blessings. Wishing you a Happy birthday.

Hindu birthday wishes


Birthday wishes by Horoscope


Scorpio: Determined and powerful, Intelligent and Bold, Courageous and enduring. These are the traits that make you different from the rest. Happy birthday scorpion.

Sagittarius: You are affectionate, fun loving, warm, caring, adventurous, sincere & outgoing. Happy birthday Sagittarian!

Taurus: You are a sweetheart having a good sense of humor, you are found to be reliable, for being practical and loyal. Happy birthday Taurean!

Capricorn: Capricorns are wise, patient, sincere, cautious, faithful, ambitious and disciplined. Happy birthday Capricorn!

Aquarius: Friendly and honest, independent and intellectual, that makes you a perfect person. Happy birthday Aquarian!

Pisces: You are compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted, and imaginative. Wish you a happy birthday Piscean.

Leo: Generous and warm-hearted, that’s what you are, wherever you go, shine like a star. Happy birthday Leo!

Cancer: You are wonderfully caring, sentimental and loving. Your emotional nature makes you lovable to all. Happy birthday Cancerian!

Gemini: You are adaptable and versatile, Intelligent and lively, creative and talkative with a zest for life. Happy birthday gemini!

Aries: Adventurous and energetic, Pioneering and courageous, Enthusiastic and confident. All these are you. Happy birthday Arian!

Libra: As you are an expert of the balancing act. Hope you have an equal slice of fun and happiness coming up your way. Happy birthday Libran!

Virgo: Special wishes for someone who is warm, loving, thoughtful. Happy birthday Virgo!


Birthday wishes for Special people


Friend: You are an amazing friend, with a good heart. May God bless you with wonderful times ahead. Happy birthday my friend.

Best friend: Best friends stand by us through our good times as well as bad. Have an awesome birthday bestie.

Love: You make my life so meaningful, so perfect, and so beautiful, that no one else can take your place in my life. Happy Birthday my Love.

Boyfriend: Words cannot be enough to tell you what you are to me. You have been so sweet to me. Happy birthday sweety!

Girlfriend: I love spending every minute with you, On your birthday I wanna remind you how special you are to me. I love you. Happy Birthday

Boss: With a leader like you, projects and tasks are so much fun to work on. May the new year of your life bring in loads of joy and success.

Teacher: Silly jokes and silly mistakes, All the silly things in front of you But you have the patience to bear it all. Happy birthday Teacher, Thank you.


Birthday wishes for family members


Mom: I love you so much mom, more than you can even imagine! I can never express with words. Happy Birthday Mom.

Dad: No birthday greetings or wishes can express in words the amount of love and respect I have for you. Happy birthday dad.

Sister: You are my strength, my support, my guide and my friend. May you achieve everything you desire in life. Happy birthday sis.

Brother: No gift in the world can match a wonderful brother like you. I wish you success in all your endeavors on your birthday.

Son: You are the source of happiness in my life, We are so proud that you are our son, Happy birthday son.

Daughter: Nothing brings us more happiness than the smile on your face. You are always your Daddy’s little girl and your Mommy’s bundle of joy.

Wife: My love for you is true and strong, You are the sweetest thing in the world my sweety. Happy birthday!

Husband: You are a perfect life partner anyone would have in life, Wish you a very happy birthday. I love you a lot.

Grandma: You don’t look old enough to be my grandma, I pray you live many more years. Happy birthday grandma!

Grandpa: When I was little, I grabbed your finger to take my first baby steps. When you are old you can hold my hand to take your first wobbly steps. Happy birthday grandpa!

Grandson: My life, my world, my grandson these are all interlinked with each other. Happy birthday to you my dearest Grandson.

Granddaughter: Granddaughters like you, are the delight of life, the reason to live and a pleasure to have by your side. Happy birthday.

Cousin sister: I always wanted an awesome sister and an amazing best friend. I found both in you, cousin. Happy Birthday!

Cousin brother: The best of brothers and best of friends, may the love in our brotherhood go on never end. Happy birthday cousin!

Aunt: Only an Aunt can give hug like a mother. Keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend. Happy birthday Aunt!

Uncle: Whether Maternal or Paternal, Uncles like you make life special. Happy birthday dear uncle.

Niece: Beauty and joy are with you wherever you go, May your birthday be filled with delightful surprises. Happy birthday dear niece!

Nephew: Happy birthday dear nephew. We are truly grateful to god for the wonderful gift that he gave us.

Brother in law: Happy birthday to my brother in law! I am so happy that you became part of our family. I hope the coming year is filled with joy and laughter.

Sister in law: I am thankful to have you as my sister in law. You bring happiness and joy to people around you. Happy birthday sister in law.

Mother in law: Today I want to thank you for your loving and caring ways and your patience and kindness. Happy birthday to my wonderful mother in law!

Father in law: Happy birthday to the greatest father in law in the whole wide world! your birthday will always be extra special because you are a super amazing person.

Daughter in law: Our family wouldn’t be the same without the part you play, and everyone appreciates the kindness you display. Happy birthday dear daughter in law!

Son in law: Dear son in law, you are as precious as diamond and as fresh as flowers. Happy birthday to the most cheerful man.


Birthday wishes by year


1st: To the little bundle of joy that fell from heaven a year ago, Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest kid in the world.

2nd: 24 months ago, the world greeted you into this world with joy and delight. May God bless you and give you a healthy life ahead.

3rd: You’re already 3 years old today! Wow, you’re growing up so quickly. Happy birthday, sweetie!

4th: Congratulations to the 4-year-old princess! I hope you will have a life with good health and filled with love.

5th: Happy 5th birthday you little troublemaker! Your smile will always be brighter than the sun and your cheeks the refuge of my silly kisses.

6th: I am wishing a 6th birthday full of toys, gifts, cakes, chocolates, and fun to the coolest kid in town.

7th: Happy birthday! We really can’t believe it’s been seven years. Thanks for giving us exciting times and unforgettable memories, kid. Keep rocking!

8th: Happy 8th birthday! Lots of love and good wishes to the most beautiful child of this universe.

9th: When you turn NINE, you’re Nifty, Intelligent, Nice and Extraordinary. That’s so you. Happy 9th birthday!

10th: Happy 10th Birthday! Wishing you to be successful in your chosen field and be happy all the time. Study hard. We love you.

13th: Wishing you a wonderful 13th birthday! May you get what you want in your life! May you get happiness & love from all! Happy Birthday!

16th: Sweet 16 is sweet for a reason For joy, happiness, and fun. I’m here to wish you a Happy 16th Birthday!

18th: Welcome to the world filled with fun and occupied with adults. May all your dreams and fantasies come true. Happy 18th Birthday!

20th: Finally 20, and legally able to do everything you’ve been doing since 15 Cheers! Happy birthday!

21st: 21st is just a number You are still the same, Sweet and cute as ever, Happy 21st birthday to you!

25th: At 25, you are halfway to 50, so start enjoying your youth before, gulp, you get old. Let’s make your birthday epic!

30th: 30th Birthdays are always special because they help you see how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. Have a great 30th Birthday.

40th: Do you know what the best way to beat 40 is? Hang around people who are fatter, lousier and older looking than you! Haha. Wishing you a Happy 40th Birthday.

50th: Since the first half of your life had been beautiful, the second half is going to be even more graceful. Wishing you a very Happy 50th Birthday.

60th: With each new passing year, you are getting younger and your heart is getting pure. Wish you an amazing 60th birthday!


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